Wednesday, July 18, 2007

TV Is Better With Foudy

Dear Amy,

I wrote yesterday that without Julie Foudy on the field, the national team is missing some personality. What I didn't mention is that the TV broadcasts are much better with her in the box.

Some guy in Tampa agrees with me. I do enjoy Foudy's commentary. The example the guy from Tampa uses is a good one, but Foudy had several other observations, among them:

* That the U.S. trains by position. Defenders train as a group, midfielders train as a group and forwards train as a group. Foudy wondered if by doing that, the team is missing the last crucial piece of competing in a World Cup. And against Norway, it appeared the team lacked cohesiveness, the same type of cohesiveness you get by training together.

* Abby Wambach and Natasha Kai were flip-floped for much of the second half -- Wambach wandering back into midfield and Kai staying up high. Foudy pointed out that Wambach needs to stay high. I think that says more about Wambach's confidence (or lack of) in Kai's willingness or ability to track back, pressure defensively, and win balls than it does about Kai's ability as a striker.

So while the team may not be as dynamic as it used to be, but the broadcasts will be better.

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